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Ask the Dust

I can barely compose a blog post, but if i were ever to write, or perhaps adopt a style of writing, then it would be John Fante's.

I received Ask the Dust as a gift a couple of weeks ago after pondering whether or not to read it.

Fante had been at the back of my mind for a while due to Bukowski's continued mentioning of him. Since I didn't have to make the decision myself, i started reading it instantly, rather than throwing it on a pile of other books. 

Ask the Dust follows the story of Arturo Bandini (a sort of alter-ego of Fante) a writer who has relocated to LA. The novel is semi-biographical and explores how it was to be a writer in the great depression era.

I knew this was something that I liked, and finished it rather quickly considering my pretty slow reading pace. He has a similar 'free-flowing' style to Bukowski, but it seem's like Fante can actually write.  

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