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SwissAir Case Study pt 3

(current/last logo)

This is the last in line of Swissair’s beautiful rebrands that it has experienced, and is the current/last logo of the airline that ceased in 2002 to become a new company. 

I think the defining factor in the beauty of this logo is that although it’s taken them about 60 years and numerous beautiful designs, this was definitely the logo that best represented Swissair, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the logo has introduced the use of the Switzerland flag, a nice emblem on it’s own but yet has the simplicity and adaptability to be applied to another brand. Whilst the previous design contained the nations colours, I think that this brings with it more prominence and pride in the Swiss identity.

Secondly, the fact that the logo epitomises everything that’s amazing about Swiss graphic design. Cleanliness, readability, objectivity, simplicity etc etc.

The logo was conceived in the 80’s off the back of what was probably one of the most inspiring decades of Swiss design with designers such as Josef Muller Brockmann, Paul Rand, Hoffman, Lohse amongst others, all at their peaks. 

This images above are also a nice way of showing how you can expand your brand across multiple platforms and and adapt it as and when it is needed. This is probably one of my favourite logos ever.

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