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SwissAir Case Study pt 2

(identity established, glory days?)

In my opinion, this era of Swissair was undoubtedly the most effective and beautiful in terms of design. Whats apparent in these pictures, is that a clear identity was formed and the branding is coherent. 

This is one of my favourite logos for a number of reasons, firstly because of the plane signet that has been adapted, all of the previous experiments contained more detailed images of aeroplanes, but it’s become apparent in this period that they’d decided to ditch that idea completely and go for a minimal more recognisable look for the company. Also one that looks much more corporate and carries a real stamp of beauty.

In addition to the signet, the typeface used here is also one of my favourites, and I can see connotations with one of my own typefaces that I started designing at the start of my NMP, perhaps in the back of my mind this was lingering and was the inspiration behind it. Not only does the typeface look futuristic (something which I still think it boasts) but it also looks but it looks suitable for an airline, a more literal representation and again perhaps slightly military - maybe the people of that day and age needed something that they could trust again due to the previous decades being ruined with the World Wars.

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